Epoch 24-ft 5-Blades 62 RPM HVLS Fan with Epoch 3.0 Motor and Controller - 170Nm/1.5kW/2.0hp

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Product Overview

Epoch 24-ft(7.3m) 5-Blades HVLS Fan with Epoch 3.0 Motor and Controller Platform

This is a 62 RPM 1.5kW (2hp) HVLS fan with 24-ft blades. It can move a ton of air. It has 5-blades.

Product Specifications:

Parameter Specifications

Fan Diameter


No. of Blades


Blade Profile

Airfoil Design

Blade Material

Anodized 6061-T6 Aluminum

Blade Struts

Clear Zinc/High Tensile Steel

Blade Width

187 mm

Blade Thickness


Blade End Winglets


Coverage Radius in Feet


Space between Fans in Feet


Minimum Space from Wall in Feet



UPF (Unity Power Factor Correction) & PMSM (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor)


Epoch 3.0 Platform by Falco/Direct Drive PMSM Motor

Max Speed (RPM)


Power Usage at Max RPM

1500W (2.0 hp)

Torque at Max RPM


Standard Power

200 to 277V AC, Single Phase, 50 or 60 Hz


30,000 Sq. Ft. (2,787 Sq. m)

Air Flow (Cubic Ft/Min)

500,000 to 550,000

Approximate Fan Weight (kgs/lbs.)

100 kg /220.5 lbs.


< 35 dB

Height from Floor in Meters

11 to 12

Operating Units - Available Options

Wireless - Smart Phone Apps, Touch Screen LCD (Modbus), Analog Controls, Analog Controls with LCD


Safety Guy Wire for motor and for each blade, Designed with UL507 safety system for fans, UL1004 safety system for motors, Automotie grade hub and guy wires


See Warranty Information here.

Product Description

Airfoil and Blade Design


Blade design combines modern day Aeronautics and wing structure of a Falcon to create a remarkably dynamic and efficient air flow at every speed.

Epoch Fans Blade Structure


The blades use modern day Aeronautics principles to optimize air flow at every speed by dynamically and adequately adjusting the blade angles.

Epoch Fans Blade Profile

Blade Configurations:


Five Blade Configuration



Mounting Configuration:

The mounting hole pattern consists of a 76.2mm square with four 3/8″ pem nuts at the four corners of the square. Two holes in the middle are meant for cable routing and are covered with a protective shroud.

Box Content

  • Epoch 3.0 PMSM motor;
  • 05 no. of blades and Accessories;
  • Standard Controller;
  • Fan mounting Kit;
  • Safety guy wires.

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