3-Blades HVLS Fans

Epoch 3 Blades Fans

The fan is designed to move air efficiently to cool and destroy cold life in large industrial/commercial applications. The fan and components are specifically designed to ensure low noise operation. The noise level from fans operating at maximum speed should not exceed 35 dBA. The fan is equipped with three high volume, precision 6061-T6 extruded anodized aluminum alloy low speed airfoils.

The Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) is used in HVLS fans and is fully innovated with zero sound and maintenance. It is a direct-drive motor. Hence it reduces gearbox and maintenance costs in addition to power consumption.       The motor is manufactured with class F insulation.



  • Direct drive PMSM motor;
  • Super Energy Efficient;
  • Class F insulation;
  • 1.1 HP (0..8 kW) nominal horsepower.


  • Power Factor Corrected Technology;
  • Required Single Phase Connection;
  • Factory assembled & programmed.


  • Airfoil Design
  • Equipped with 3 airfoils
  • Extruded anodized aluminum
  • Blade width - 187 mm

Move Air in Both Direction

  • The Fan is capable to move forward as well as backward direction.
  • This function is useful in the Winter season.

Safety System

  • Safety Guy wires for motor and for each blades;
  • Fan mechanical safety system incorporates Automotive Grade Hub and Guy wire.


  • UL Certified;
  • CE Certified;
  • ISO Certified.


  • UL 507 Approved;
  • CE Certified;
  • 3- Blade Aerodynamic Profile;
  • Lowest Weight;
  • Forward/ Reverse Operation;
  • Power Efficient;
  • Direct Drive Motor;
  • Ranging from 14 - to 24-ft. ( – to 7.3 m) in diameter;
  • Up to 3,50,000 CFM;
  • UPF Technology;
  • Sound level <35 dB;


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