Commercial Ceiling HVLS Fans

Introducing HX Fans

  • Ranging from 8- to 16-ft. (2.4 – to 4.8 m) in diameter;
  • Based on revolutionary 3-Phase PMSM technology;
  • Extraordinarily economical;
  • Enhanced aesthetics for commercial spaces, indoors or out.
  • With a revolutionary 3-phase, gear-less direct-drive motor that provides quiet, comforting air movement;
  • Ideal for any space from lobbies, pavilions and music venues to seaside dining and open-air theaters.

Revolutionary 3 Phase PMS Motor

Gearless 3 - Phase PMS Motor with high torque at low energy consumption, Maintenance less, Noise less, lowest weight and High Efficiency.

5 Blade Design

HX HVLS Fans incorporate five blades. The blades are inspired by falcon wings and modern day aeronautics, The blades are designed for continuous adaptation to maximize the air flow at every speed. This is achieved through the uplift and droop design which provides not only the highest CFM but also the highest safety and efficiency. 5-blade configuration generates the most silent, efficient, and effective airflow in the industry today.

Hx – Aerospace Wingtips

  • Increased Airflow Efficiency;
  • Recover Tip Vortex Energy;
  • Reduce Drag;
  • Reduce Power Consumption.


  • Reverse circulation;
  • Increase life of building;
  • Improve workers productivity;
  • Lowest Weight;
  • Lowest Sound;
  • Maintenance Free;
  • Tremendous air flow;
  • Huge power saving;
  • Decrease the surrounding temperature by 4-7° cooler air;
  • Energy efficient;
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