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Wall Mounted Fans

Energize Immobile Air Instantly with
Super efficient and silent motor.

Introducing Industrial wall mounted HVLS fans by Falco eMotors. After five years of R&D, we launched the revolutionary Industrial wall mounted HVLS fans. We manufacture these fans with high- quality raw material along with
aerodynamic blades. These fans provide exceptional airflow. The aesthetics are breathtaking with fantastic performance. It would be an excellent buy for your workplace.
With the help of this fan, solutions have been found on many problems like low ceiling, less space.

                  AIR VELOCITY                 


The speed of the air depends on where it is being tested. We can see the results in the adjacent picture when the test is done at common space.

This results is based on the maximum performance of the motor. We can rotate the motor to a minimum of 0 rpm to maximum of 300 rpm.



This fans comes with 5-ft & 6-ft Diameters for hard to reach areas;

Direct Drive Motor

This Fan uses 3 phase PMSM motor technology which is super efficient and silent motor.


This fan has the ability to rotate up to 160 degrees. That means you don't have to worry about getting air in your corner.


This fan comes with 6 blades model. Aerofoil Blade & winglets combinations are useful for maximum air movements.

Variable Speed Control

This fan comes with Falco made control box which has inbuilt functionality to adjust fan at various speeds.

Versatile Positioning

Flexible pivot joint is used to adjust fan at various angle. It is useful to turn Airflow wherever required.


  • Helps to remove sour smells;
  • Tremendous air flow;
  • Huge power saving;
  • Improve workers productivity;
  • Lowest Sound;
  • Maintenance Free;
  • Efficiency >95%;
  • Useful at less available floor space;
  • Infinite number of speed and positions;
  • Robust, Reliable and Extraordinary quality.
  • Aerofoil Blade & Winglets combinations for maximum air movements;
  • Direct Drive Motor;


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