Epoch HVLS fans provide variety of options to control the systems. The trend in electronics is continuously rising and especially consumer electronics towards smaller controlling applications are coming with enhanced features and sustaining abilities.

Analog Controls



Analog controls are available for both Industrial and Commercial Hx fans.

Available Options:

  • On/off switch;
  • Forward and reverse direction;
  • RPM control;
  • Fault detection;
  • Temperature sensors;
  • Unity and active power factor correction

Features of Analog Controls

Unity & Active Power Factor Correction

  • Reduces Electricity waste;
  • Reduces stress on Inverter and hence increases reliability;
  • Reduces Harmonics & EMC Signature (Important for CE);
  • Increases overall system efficiency.

State of the Art Control Algorithms

  • FOC + SVPWM + Sensor-less
  • Lowest cost design
  • Best drive performance
  • Most reliable operation

Monolithic Inverter

  • Efficient Inverter Operation;
  • Lowest Cost;
  • Lowest Component Count;
  • Highest reliability.


Dual Processor Design

  • One processor dedicated to motor operation;
  • Other processor dedicated to watchdog and housekeeping operations;
  • Flexibility to integrate with various environments without having to disturb the drive algorithm.

Modular and Standardized

  • Lowest component count to handle all the blade configurations and meet the market demand effectively;
  • Massive economy of scale;
  • Lowest possible cost in the industry;
  • Highest possible performance and Reliability in the industry;
  • Highest possible customer satisfaction

Smartphone Controls

Falco eMotors provide smartphone application to control and monitor the epoch system performance. Application is very feasible to operate. Smartphone application available for both industrial and commercial fans.

 Available options:

  • Available for both android and iOS user;
  • On/off Button;
  • Forward/reverse direction;
  • Setting the motor rpm speed;
  • Display the rpm speed;
  • Fault detection with details.

Benefits of Smartphone control:

  • User have two option for communication ANT+ and BLE;
  • Real time monitoring the data of the epoch systems;
  • User friendly;
  • Wireless communication;
  • Security application (fire alarm).

BACnet Control


BACnet (Building automation & Control network) is a data communication protocol, set of communication rules. It is developed by ASHRAE (American Society of

Heating, Refrigerating & Air-condition Engineering).BACnet is created to allow communication of

  1. Building automation;
  2. Control systems;
  3. Lighting control;
  4. Access control;
  5. Fire detection systems and their associated equipment.

Benefits/ Advantages:

  • Anyone can develop implementations without cost; there is no charge for the use of it;
  • The ASHRAE committee represents all types of industries;
  • It is designed specifically for building controls.;
  • It can be implemented for any size of the devices;
  • It can be readily enhanced and improved.

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