Commercial Mobile Fans


Meet Falco eMotors HX Mobile HVLS fans, with 8 feet (2.4 meters) in diameter and easy to move wherever you want. Operated with high efficiency, this fan can be used both indoors and outdoors, maximizing cooling efficiency by mixing and distributing air evenly.


  • 6 & 8-ft Diameters for hard to reach areas;
  • Blow air anywhere with 1,000 different operating positions and controls;
  • Variable Speed Controls;
  • Robust, Reliable and Extraordinary Quality;
  • Adjustment manually in up-down direction;
  • Aerofoil Blade & winglets combinations for maximum air movements;
  • Safety Feature: Fan cage for hand or object entry restriction.


The speed of the air depends on where it is being tested. We can see the results in the adjacent picture when the test is done at common space.

This results is based on the maximum performance of the motor. We can rotate the motor to a minimum of 0 rpm to maximum of 220 rpm.


  • Useful at less available floor space;
  • Infinite number of speed and positions;
  • Robust, Reliable and extraordinary quality.
  • Aerofoil Blade & winglets combinations for maximum air movements;
  • Direct Drive Motor;
  • Efficiency >95%;
  • Helps to remove sour smells;
  • Tremendous air flow;
  • Huge power saving;
  • Improve workers productivity;
  • Lowest Sound;
  • Maintenance Free;

Join us in this extraordinary revolution!

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