Epoch 1.0 Motor and Controller - 50Nm/1.1kW/1.5hp HVLS Fan Platform

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Epoch 1.0 M+C

Product Overview

Epoch 1.0 Motor and Controller Performance

Epoch 1.0 delivers 50Nm (Continuous Torque) for a speed range of 220 rpm. It is a permanent magnet brushless motor and Inverter Platform. It has an overall diameter of 488mm. The motor and inverter weigh 31 (61) kg (lbs.) and have a combined motor and inverter efficiency of over 85%.

Epoch HVLS FAN Motor and Inverter Top View


The top view of the motor and inverter are shown above. The inverter can be located above the motor as shown. The inverter is designed to handle three times the nominal load of the motor.

Side View of Epoch Motor and Inverter


Above is the side view of the Motor and Inverter. The mounting holes on the top have a 76.2mm square mounting pattern. A square pipe can be used on the top to install to the ceiling. The inverter has built-in unity power factor controller to draw power at a power factor close to 1.0 significantly reducing the EMI/RFI radiation as well as power consumption.

Closer Side View of Epoch Motor and Inverter

Mounting Configuration:

Epoch HVLS Fan Installation

Mounting Hole Pattern to Mount to the Ceiling

The mounting hole pattern consists of a 76.2mm square with four 3/8″ pem nuts at the four corners of the square. Two holes in the middle are meant for cable routing and are covered with a protective shroud.

The Epoch platform is designed to accommodate any number of blades ranging from 2-blades to 8 blades if you like.

Blade Configurations:

Some of the most common blade configurations are shown below:

Three Blade Configuration


Four Blade Configuration


Five Blade Configuration


Six Blade Configuration


Torque-Speed Curves:


Torque-speed curves are shown for all Epoch platforms below:


Torque Speed Curves for All Epoch Platforms
Epoch 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0 platforms can deliver peak powers of 1200, 1200, 1500 and 1800W respectively. The flat torque speed curves extend for Epoch 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0 to 200, 120, 100 and 60 rpm respectively before trailing off. These torque speed curves are without any phase advance or field weakening function.

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