Tremendous Airflow of World Class Epoch HVLS Fans

Posted by Epoch HVLS Fans on May 11th 2020

Tremendous Airflow of World Class Epoch HVLS Fans

Tremendous Airflow of World Class Epoch HVLS Fans

Now the world is moving toward the greatest technologies. People are recognizing the importance of HVLS fans. Numerous features of this technology are attracting people. People think to utilize their resources smartly to save money. The revolutionary upgrades make people see the importance of HVLS fans.

The airflow of the Epoch HVLS fans

A Tremendous amount of airflow is the key function of Epoch HVLS fans. Customers in the fan industry acknowledged this feature of Epoch HVLS fans and are attracted to it. Airflow is simply the rate of air movement. We can measure airflow in CFM. CFM is short for cubic feet per minute (cubic ft/min). Epoch HVLS Fans are identified for offering an airflow in excess of 500,000 to 550,000 cubic feet per minute (CFM) with the rotational speed at 55 rpm. Epoch fans are generating a massive airflow which depends on various factor such as:-

  1. Aeronautical Blade design
  2. Distance from floor
  3. State of the Art Motor Technology
  4. Extraordinary Mechanical Design
  5. Super-Efficient Controls

Aeronautical Blade design

Usually, the design of the blade performs the main role in the performance of fans and its efficiency. The conventional aluminum alloy blade (regular fan blade) is neither properly designed nor selected to suit the condition. The need for development takes us to think out of the box. Epoch fans blade’s design is inspired by aeronautics structure to maximize the airflow. An airfoil shape is constructed so that it takes shape advantages of the air’s response. Airfoil design found in propellers, fans, and turbines. Whenever the fan applies a downward force to the air, exactly the same the equal amount of air forces upward. It depends on the profile drag of airfoil-shaped blades. When moving through the air, vary with airfoil structure and angle of attack.

Image 1: Blade angle and angle of attack

Distance from the ceiling

Another factor to circulate air and ventilate the room properly is the distance from the ceiling to the fan. Usually, the Standard distance from the ceiling for the traditional fan is approximately 8 ft. but for Epoch HVLS fans it varies from 56 to 70 ft. according to blade size. Also, It covers a large radius from 28 to 35 ft. This distance from the ceiling is a necessary factor for sufficient airflow.

Image 2: Distance from floor

State of the Art Motor Technology

Best technology need superb and defectless basics concepts. To make a fan as an Ideal product, we need the best pair of Motor and Flawless designs of blades. Epoch’s permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) fulfill all requirements to generate a massive airflow. The pairing of PMSM motor with airfoil design blades is making a magical impact on customers' feedback for Epoch HVLS fans.

The direct-drive PMSM motor has no gear mechanism which greatly effects on weight of the motor. PMSM technology has a high torque ratio and better dynamic characteristics which improve the airflow of the motor. PMSM technology's greatest advantage is its efficiency. PMSM and power factor correction techniques reduce the power consumption of the motor. It helps to utilize as little power as possible to provide massive airflow.

Extraordinary Mechanical Design

HVLS fans are the specially designed mechanical fans that are larger than the conventional fans. The special design is to cover a large space with low rotational speed. EPOCH HVLS fans are using PMSM motors to generate massive airflow with less amount of energy. For the perfect synchronization with flawless blade design, need a proper motor design. This combination used in EPOCH Fans to provide the highest efficiency.

Image 3: Epoch HVLS PMSM motor

Super-efficient controls

Controlling this massive airflow is a challenging task for the designer. EPOCH Fans had succeeded this herculean task by using smart adaptive technology. This is the best example of an embedded extraordinary mechanical design with a super-efficient electronic system. It makes easy control over fans as well as performance.

Image 4: Epoch HVLS fan

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