The Necessity of Epoch Controller Box

Posted by Epoch HVLS Fans on May 15th 2020

The Necessity of Epoch Controller Box

The attached controller box functions as the brain of the Epoch motor. The controller is the imperative part of permanent magnet synchronous motor. The smooth operation of the motor depends on its controller. It provides many features to control, monitor, and communicate with fans.

Epoch Controller Box

Image 1: Epoch HVLS controller Box

Without proper control, power is nothing. Working in various environments Epoch HVLS fan needs to be controlled smartly. The controller box of Epoch fans serves various smart options to the customer. For the perfect design of fans, the structure needs smart control for intense products. And this can be easily achieved by Epoch fans. Epoch controller box provides various features such as

  1. Unity Power factor correction
  2. Easy and smooth control over PMSM motor
  3. Smart and easy control using wireless communication.

Unity power factor correction

Unity power factor is the ratio of actual used power to the total power consumed by a fan or any electrical device. It is a measure of how efficiently your system is working. The ideal power factor is unity but it is very difficult to achieve it practically. If it is less than unity means extra power required to complete any task. The power factor is nothing but the relation of voltage and current of the system.

Image 2: Lagging current and voltage relation for the electrical system.

This lag current needs to be tuned properly to achieve unity power factor correction in HVLS fans.

Image 3: P.F. correction angle

Power factor = Actual power used by the fan / Total power of the fan


Power factor = cos θ

In the Epoch HVLS system, we are offering Unity Power Factor correction where practically it meets up to 0.98 and more which is economically viable.

Easy and smart control over PMSM motor

PMSM motor is an important structure in HVLS fans. It has a higher efficiency over Induction and BLDC motors. In Epoch HVLS fans, it easily achieved by the Epoch controller box. It embeds with PMSM motor to operate smoothly than any other controller which is available in the market. It reduces harmonics from the AC supply and gives a pure waveform.

Image 4: PMSM motor

Smart and easy control using wireless communication

Making smart work is always preferable than hard work. Simplifying our work help to reduce cost, time, and effort. Epoch HVLS system gives various platforms to control your fan. It only requires a wireless module and a Smartphone.

Epoch system develops a technology to control fans over mobile through a single app. There are two platforms available to control your fan:

i) Android Application, ii) iPhone Application

It is possible to control the direction of rotation using the app. So many other features are also available on the app. Customers can easily monitor speed as well as technical data of fans. It can be also used to diagnose and tune your fan as per user requirements.

Image 5: Controlling Application for Epoch Motor

Smart technology improves our lifestyle, too explore more, visit our website to see the smart controller embed with flawless motor: