Positive Effects of HVLS Fans in Fluctuating Temperatures

Posted by Epoch HVLS Fans on Apr 28th 2020

Positive Effects of HVLS Fans in Fluctuating Temperatures

Nowadays rapid changes in temperature can be observed due to global warming. This rapid change in temperature makes the workers restless and uncomfortable, not allowing them to work efficiently. HVLS Fans are beneficial in maintaining uniform room temperature, either it is hot or cold temperatures. In hot temperatures, it helps against heat stroke and other heating issues. It reduces effective temperature and makes a comfortable and more productive environment for the workers.

Image 1: Epoch HVLS Fan

Epoch HVLS Fans work effectively and efficiently in cold temperatures too. In cold temperatures when windows and doors are closed, HVLS fans can be run in the reverse direction. It will help to maintain the temperature of air resulting in the healthier working atmosphere.

When warm air comes in contact with a cold surface it creates condensation. When there is more humidity, condensation is more likely to occur. It helps in reducing the rising heat which is created in space and forms a temperature layer by gently circulating warm air from the ceiling to floor level where workers are working. Hence, the heating system is not required. It maintains the temperature in conditions of high humidity as well as low humidity by circulating air within the space.

A large 24 feet HVLS fan can move a large volume of air approximately 5,00,000 to 5,50,000 Cubic Ft/Min. Epoch HVLS Fans incorporate five blades with airfoil design which is optimized for low-speed rotary functions.

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