Need for Ventilation

Posted by EPOCH HVLS Fans on Apr 10th 2020

Need for Ventilation

A new era with ventilation issues

In this new era, everyone is facing global warming issues. All around the world, people are making use of Air Conditioners which obliquely raise the average temperature. It is very difficult to control indoor air quality by ineffectively attenuating the pollutants. The process of Ventilation and power consumption for this needs to be improved in this new era.

There are so many ventilation issues in industries and they cannot be solved by just opening the windows and doors. For this problem, we need a better design and solution to develop smart techniques for proper ventilation and its power consumption

These issues degrade the air quality as well as the health of employees and workers. Some of this can be solved by installing air conditioning systems and ceiling fans. Iff the area is very large, HVLS fans are really efficient. HVAC and HVLS fans contribute most to reduce the noxious and degraded quality of industrial air and give proper ventilation for such large areas. The science of combining the HVLS fans with HVAC systems improves the control of temperature, humidity, and odors for the large area or significantly big spaces.

Fans used for Ventilation

Fans are often used for ventilation. The pressure produced by fans forces the incoming air upward and through vents in the ceiling.

There are so many problems associated with poor ventilation, thus increasing the carbon levels with the addition of various pollutant substances. These components present dangerous and hidden obstacles to human health. High levels of carbon components in the air cause so many human health issues such as eye-throat irritation, allergies, mental stress, headache, and respiratory ailments, etc. The list is virtually endless.

HVLS fans diminish the consequences of poor air ventilation

HVLS fans make a great impact on ventilation and have a greater competency to flush out degraded air and replace it with fresh air. It overcomes the flaw of all traditional fans with its massive airflow and gentle skin-soothing breeze.

With the help of Epoch HVLS fan technology, we can move a ton of air with its giant blades. The toxic air is sent outside by the exhaust system and replaced with fresh air. It will maintain the airflow pressure as well as reduce the temperature in the building or floor.

Furthermore, Humidity is a very important parameter when considering the use of ventilation. Low and bad air quality affects human health, materials, equipment, and machines. Also it affects the building structure and floor surface. In some studies, the prevalence of symptoms of sick-building syndrome has been associated with poor humidity.

Air usually contains water vapor and it depends on temperature. If the temperature is high it holds more moisture. So if the temperature is high, moisture is more. It will not only affect human health but also the building structure. Hence HVLS fans can be used to circulate the air (typically for high volume) and maintain temperature.

EPOCH HVLS Fans are the most efficient way to improve airflow and air movement. These fans are covering a large area to recirculate air with tremendous energy savings. With very low power consumption, they are offering a large area of ventilation. EPOCH Fans has its benefits in power consumption and effective improvement of ventilation.

With the help of Technology like active UPF (Unity Power Factor) correction & PMSM (Permanent Magnet Synchronous motor), EPOCH fans provide the highest CFM/Watts thereby offering an extraordinary return on investment.

In EPOCH fan’s Airfoil blades are designed in such a way that the shape takes the help of air’s response to certain physical laws. The Airfoil is shaped to cause an action on the air forcing it downwards and as per equal reaction from the air, also forcing the blades upward.

If you want to reduce your yearly expenditure on ventilation then EPOCH HVLS Fans can be a great choice for you. It can help you to save a lot of energy.

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