Importance of Epoch HVLS Fans for Barns

Posted by Epoch HVLS Fans on May 16th 2020

Importance of Epoch HVLS Fans for Barns

What are Barns?

Before we go to the importance of HVLS Fans in Barn, let's understand what the Barns are. A barn is a building where agriculture products are stored and are used for various purposes. In North America, a barn is used for house livestock which includes cattle, horses as well as equipment, and grains.

How Epoch HVLS Fans are useful for Barns?

Ventilation is a crucial part of Barns. With proper ventilation, the comfort levels for animals can be increased and this will help to keep them healthy. This also affects the production of animal products like milk and egg. Epoch HVLS Fans help in efficient and effective ventilation through adequate airflow. It keeps Barn cool during summers and warm during winters.

It is a fact that in a comfortable and cool space, cows can give better production of milk. Studies show that for every 2-degree centigrade, a cool cow can produce 1 litre more milk. In this way Epoch HVLS Fans give this additional profit with energy savings. In winters, HVLS fans can be made run in the reverse direction. It helps the cow to remain warm. Epoch HVLS fans help in keeping the air fresh and as a result, the respiratory system of cows will improve.

Last but not least, the selection of HVLS fans matters a lot. For a large area and a 60 feet high ceiling, 24 feet HVLS Fan is recommended for efficient and effective results. Similar way, depending on the height and width of the space, a proper diameter of the HVLS fan should be recommended for efficient use.

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