How EPOCH HVLS Fans Make HVAC Systems More Efficient?

Posted by EPOCH HVLS Fans on Apr 8th 2020

How EPOCH HVLS Fans Make HVAC Systems More Efficient?

Image 1:HVLS fans with an HVAC system

HVLS fans with an Air conditioning system

HVLS fans can be used along with an air conditioning system as they help in the area of ventilation effectiveness, thermal mass, evaporative cooling, and energy consumption. The use of an HVLS fan is linked to enhancing thermal comfort. Moving a large volume of air around humans can help to improve effective ventilation. Some researchers suggest that substantial energy saving can be achieved by increasing the air movement to cool down the body temperature. HVLS fans offer both ways to improve thermal comfort and efficient solutions to reduce energy consumption. The breeze produced by an HVLS fan keeps humans cool by accelerating the evaporative cooling. HVLS fans are also helpful to increase compressor efficiency. In inverter compressors, variable-frequency drive is used to control the speed of the motor and thus controlling the speed of the compressor. It has the ability to continuously regulate it’s cooling and heating capacity by altering the speed of the compressor in response to cooling demand. By incorporating HVLS fans into the system, the cooling load can be reduced and ultimately compressors can work with maximum efficiency.

How do HVLS Fans work with Air conditioning system in Hot Summer?

In the summer season, you can set the fan to move in the forward direction so that the fresh air can be moved downwards. This helps to remove hot air that gets stuck. Also, this helps to continuously regulate the airflow which can lower the temperature. This setup creates the windchill effect and moves air across your body resulting in lowering the body temperature and avoid sweating. The breeze evaporates the moisture present on your skin more efficiently than stagnant air, making you more comfortable and relax.

Why do we need to use HVLS fans with heating systems in the winter season?

In winters you can keep your floor space more comfortable by using an HVLS fan in combination with your existing heating air system. Ceiling fans improve the airflow. Falco eMotors have designed Epoch HVLS fans to provide uniform distribution of airflow more efficiently and silently. Epoch fans can be rotated in the reverse direction so that it can pull the cold air towards the ceiling and help the heating system in maintaining the temperature. The comfortable working environment for humans is by providing proper temperature, neither too hot nor too cold. And this can be achieved by using the HVLS fans along with your air conditioning system. These HVLS fans can help to improve the efficiency of your air conditioning system more economically. Depending on your requirement you can change the direction of rotation of your HVLS fans.

Reduce HVAC Tonnage and Ducting

HVLS fans redistribute both warm and cold air along the floor plane in all directions. It’s easier and cheaper to use HVLS fans to direct and distribute the warm and cold air produced by the HVAC system. HVLS fans allow a large volume of air to flow and distribute to each and every corner so that space will be more comfortable and convenient. This will not have any pocket area that is too warm or too cold as they are at a distance where the duct air can’t be reached. Epoch HVLS fan moves large, slow-moving massive air throughout the space, mixing, circulating and cooling air efficiently without generating noise and dust.

Why Epoch HVLS Fans?

Epoch HVLS fan has the option to vary and adjust the speed. Also, it allows users to change the direction of rotation both to forward and reverse direction. Apart from this the Epoch fans are well known for the following factors.

  • Lowest Operating Costs in the World
  • Lowest Maintenance in the World
  • Latest PMSM Technology (Brushless Permanent Magnet AC Motor).
  • 5 times the safety and overload factor.
  • Lowest noise of HVLS Fan in Industry, less than 35 dB.
  • Adjustable Speed (Forward, Reverse and ON/OFF). Best user-friendly control operation.
  • Provide Wired and Wireless Options.
  • Self-Diagnostics.
  • Fire-System Compatibility.
  • Customization according to customer’s requirement.

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