Epoch HVLS Fans as a Heat Recovery Solution

Posted by Epoch HVLS Fans on May 11th 2020

Epoch HVLS Fans as a Heat Recovery Solution

Heat recovery systems can be known as energy recovery systems. Heat recovery systems work between two temperature phases to reduce the increasing demand for heating and cooling in buildings or any type of workplace. The heat recovery system provides conditioned air to get the necessary comfort. Heat recovery systems basically work on the principle of transferring heat from air to air or air to solid or solid to solid at different temperatures. Heat recovery ventilation systems provide filtered air in the room while retaining heat that would be wasted. Heat recovery systems use the heat which is usually lost which gives us a great energy saving on bills.

Heat recovery systems are a key factor of energy saving in existing systems. Heat recovery systems are important because they reduce the amount of energy required for existing systems which increases energy efficiency. In order to use the heat wasted from the boiler, nowadays industries are installing Heat Economiser in order to use waste heat generated by the boilers. This technique improves the overall efficiency of the system. Similarly, in workplaces, in order to increase the overall efficiency and to save energy bills, Heat recovery systems are very essential.

How Epoch fans work as Heat Recovery Solution

As we know Epoch HVLS fans can run in both forward and reverse direction. Both directions have unique importance. In winters, the air near the ceiling is warmer. This air can be pushed towards the floor so that temperature can be evenly distributed. Epoch HVLS fans not only work as a heat recovery system but also as energy-efficient fans. The technology of active unity power factor correction reduces power consumption dramatically. This results in saving in the energy bills. The airflow by these fans creates a breeze in the workplace and makes the environment more comfortable for humans.

Epoch HVLS fans Working in Forward Direction-

Operating Epoch HVLS fans in the forward direction are similar to how our normal ceiling fans work. The forward direction of the fans forces air from the top towards the ground to reduce the temperature. This creates a cool atmosphere.

Epoch HVLS fans Working in the Reverse Direction-

Operating Epoch HVLS fans in the reverse direction is very useful for the winter season. During the winter season, the temperature at the ground is less than the temperature at the ceiling. In the reverse direction, the fan moves the air from the ground towards the ceiling. This hot and humid air is forced towards the ground which increases the temperature at the ground. In such a way, Epoch HVLS fans work as a heat recovery solution in the workplace.

Benefits of Epoch HVLS fans as a Heat recovery solution:

Epoch HVLS fans become the most effective way to utilize the waste heat generated. This reduces the extra charges required for making the room warmer by 40 to 90%. Following are some benefits of installing HVLS fans:

  1. Epoch HVLS fans improve indoor air quality by circulating the air in the whole area of the workplace.
  2. Epoch HVLS fans supply constant fresh air.
  3. Epoch HVLS fans reduce health risks like asthma.
  4. Epoch HVLS fans reduce heating costs.
  5. Epoch HVLS fans reduce energy consumption.