Epoch HVLS Fans - An Efficient Way to Reduce Energy Consumption Cost

Posted by Epoch HVLS Fans on May 15th 2020

Epoch HVLS Fans - An Efficient Way to Reduce Energy Consumption Cost

Utility Expenses are the necessary expenses paid by the companies in exchange for services. Usually, Expenses are the thing in which a certain amount would be a liability needed to incur. The electricity bill is one of the main expenses in the companies. Every company has to pay money on their electrical equipment. But in summer, the cost increases as the use of cooling systems increases.

In small offices, It can be easy to use air conditioners or small traditional fans to overcome the heating issue. If you own a large space facility, air conditioners or small fans are not enough to provide proper ventilation and might also be expensive. This can compromise with employee comforts as well as overall company productivity. Now, it is possible to save money while maintaining the employee’s comfort and increasing productivity with safe and fresh working space. Mainly in tropical countries like India, better cooling options are required for large workplaces.

In summertime, good air circulation is vital for a fresh and comfortable environment. Many big fans are introduced in the market which claim for large airflow. To deliver sufficient airflow, a giant but splendid design of blades is necessary to overcome the heating issue. Epoch HVLS fans are offering such a large but flawless design of blades that gives a high volume of air movement.

Image 1: Epoch HVLS Fan

Epoch HVLS Fan is using unity power factor correction technology which provides higher efficiency. This technology helps to reduce the power consumption of the system and supplies remarkable energy to move the blades.

Epoch HVLS Fans are specially designed for large areas. It has fewer blades because of its huge size. These fans work efficiently, effectively with less power consumption. These fans cover a large area with constant air circulation providing mixing of air layers and produces cool breeze. It can reduce heat from moisture areas and can be used in any season. In summer for cooling purposes and in winter for making the temperature warm by making it run in the reverse direction.

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