Epoch HVLS Fan Results: Zero CO2 Emission

Posted by Epoch HVLS Fans on May 15th 2020

Epoch HVLS Fan Results: Zero CO2 Emission

The Greenhouse effect is a natural process of our environment. But recently, excess Green-house effect is causing global warming leading to an increase in the average temperature of the Earth. Carbon dioxide(CO2) is one of the vital factors causing global warming and these levels are increasing rapidly in the environment. This colorless, odorless gas which is essential for life on Earth and it is not toxic. But toxicity is not only a concern for a healthy environment.

Image 1: Keeling graph for CO2 emission from 1960 to 2020

Increase the level of CO2 emission imbalances the environmental warming processes. Carbon footprint is the measure of greenhouse gases including carbon-containing gases, and methane emission. Calculating the carbon footprint of industries is a very complex task and the reduction is more critical. Epoch HVLS Fans offers the smallest carbon footprint.

Smallest Carbon Footprint

A carbon footprint is the emission of carbon-containing gases in the atmosphere. So every process which releases carbon has its own carbon footprint. It is usually measured as a ton of carbon dioxide emitted per year. As of 2019, India ranks 3rd with 6.8% of global carbon emission preceded by China and the USA. As a responsible citizen, everyone needs to think about the carbon footprint to make it as low as possible. Many customers attracted to Epoch HVLS Fans to reduce their carbon footprint and avoid air conditioners.

Less Energy Consumption

Epoch HVLS Fans are using unity power factor correction technology which makes it highly efficient. Air Conditioners use electrical energy to cools the surrounding area. Electrical energy in the air conditioner is used to transfer heat from inhouse to the outside environment. Complete this process takes a large amount of energy as well as emits carbon gases. This is why air conditioners are harmful to our environment. Such loss of energy makes your profit drop with this cooling device. With Epoch HVLS technology you can see an increment in your profit and reduction in carbon footprint to a great extent.

Carbon Emissions: Air conditioners VS Epoch HVLS Fans

Image 2: Globally usage of air conditioners in percentage

A lot of cooling options are available in the market. The air conditioner is one of them. The air conditioning system is now using halogenated chlorofluorocarbons as a refrigerant. This unit makes air conditioners very harmful and this is the world’s biggest threat to the environment. It emits carbon components in the air. The power required for a 1.5-ton air conditioner is 1.2kW per hour. If,we use this for 8 hours a day.


1.2 x 8 = 9.6 kW…...Total Power consumed for 8 hours

And, Air conditioners emit 5.7kg per day with 1.2kW power consumption.

These calculations are related to the single unit of air conditioners. This can help to cool your home but warm to the planet.

Epoch HVLS Fans are having the smallest carbon emissions. It is not using any chlorofluorocarbon to make your room cool. By using some simple methods, like the low speed with maximum airflow, the Epoch HVLS Fans achieve the lowest carbon emission. Also, less energy consumption technology helps to make Epoch HVLS fans the best option for less CO2 emission.

Image 3: Epoch HVLS Fan

Help nature and reduce the carbon footprint of your building, we must think about the better options for cooling. Epoch HVLS Fan is one of the best options for the smallest carbon footprint, to know more about EPOCH HVLS Fans visit our website.