Cost-effective Heating Solutions with Epoch HVLS Fans

Posted by Epoch HVLS Fans on Apr 28th 2020

Cost-effective Heating Solutions with  Epoch HVLS Fans

If you have a large workplace, you always need to focus on balancing your utility expenses versus employee comfort. Employee comfort depends on the surrounding conditions like temperature, ventilation, and humidity, etc.

Every structure of the building is different. but most of the time the temperature of the roof is more than floor temperature. In winter, warm air gets stuck to the roof cavity. Usually, the temperature of the air in the roof cavity is ten degrees higher than the floor.

In summer, you need a lot of airflow to maintain a moderate temperature. In winter days, you want proper control on speed for a lower-level reverse strategy to heat up the air. So your fan delivers warm air from the roof cavity. Epoch HVLS fans have remarkable control over reverse mode to re-distribute sufficient heat in winter days too.

Reverse control in Epoch HVLS Fan

Air heats up when it absorbs energy. This energy makes air molecules move and expand. On the other hand, the cold air is denser and rests on the floor level. When fans rotate, they mix up warm with cold air. This process maintains the room temperature.

Epoch Fans are using the latest state of the art brushless motor technology with a gearless direct drive feature. It does not require any special gear mechanism to rotate in the reverse direction. In this particular situation, HVLS works better with the HVAC systems. Both will help together to provide sufficient heat for a comfortable environment and increase productivity as well. So, It is not necessary to buy a separate system for temperature control in winter or summer. Now, this is the time to smartly control your utilities with Epoch HVLS Fans.

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