4 Helpful Ideas to Reduce Heating Cost with Epoch HVLS Fans

Posted by Epoch HVLS Fans on May 16th 2020

4 Helpful Ideas to Reduce Heating Cost with Epoch HVLS Fans

Is it really possible that any fan can make a room warmer? Especially fans are used only to make the surroundings cooler. In wintertime, we purchase a new heater to make your room warm. What happens if we buy a single product which warms you in the winter and cools you in summer. Quite impressive isn’t it?. One of the numerous features of the Epoch HVLS fan gives you comfort in different seasons.

How does an HVLS fan make you warmer?

Warm air is less dense than cold air and it usually stuck at the ceiling of the building. Epoch HVLS fans rotate in the reverse direction which is not possible with traditional Fans. This technology avoids the extra money from your pocket for special heating the environment.

4 Ideas help you for cost-saving with EPOCH HVLS Fans

Exact synchronization with the existing HVAC system

HVAC systems are designed to provide sufficient ventilation. Epoch HVLS fans boost this capacity using massive airflow. This increases the efficiency of the HVAC system in summer as well as winter.

Maintain warm surrounding with air mixing

The temperature of the air at the ceiling is approximately 10 degrees higher than the floor air. Epoch HVLS fans rotate in a reverse direction to mix Hot air with Cool air. This process works effectively to maintain warm air in the surrounding.

Low power consumption

The power consumption of the Air conditioner and Heater is extremely high. This divides smart customers and attracts Epoch HVLS fans. Two key factors of Epoch HVLS fans that makes it very efficient in power consumption:

i) UPFC - Unity Power Factor correction.

ii) PMSM - Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor.

These Two factors are perfectly tunned in Epoch HVLS to achieve a great extent of noiseless power. It reduces the power consumption of fans and results in maximum efficiency.

Zero maintenance

A maintenance-free product helps you to maximize your profit. It will directly or indirectly minimize expenditure. Epoch HVLS fan is a gearless direct-drive motor. It reduces the chances of mechanical wearing and tearing during rotation. It improves the durability of the motor with a smooth and easy drive. Mechanical design is properly assembled to make a motor vibrationless.

To increase your profit on the lowest heating cost Epoch HVLS Fan is the smartest way. To check numerous functions of Epoch Fans visit our website :