14-ft 5-Blades 60 RPM Commercial HVLS Fan with Hx Motor and Controller - 40Nm/0.4kW/0.5hp

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14-ft(4.3m) 5-Blades Commercial HVLS Fan with Hx Motor and Controller Platform


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Technical Specifications (14.0 Ft HX/5 Blade)
Category Fan HVLS COMMERCIAL Super Efficient Gearless PMSM: less than 400W Power Rating
Motor Type 5- Phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor, Gearless, Brushless
Motor Insulation Class Class H
Sweep Size 4300 mm
Length of Down Rod(Without Shackle) 1250 mm
No. of Blades 5
Blade Profile Airfoil Design
Blade Material Anodized/ 6061- T6 Aluminum
Blade Struts Clear Zinc/ High Tesile Steel
Blade Width 123.7 mm
Blade Thickness 1.65 mm
Blade End Winglets Aluminum
Max Coverage Radius in Feet 36
Minimum Space from wall in feet 12
Technology 5-Phase, Permanent Magnet Sunchronous Motor (PMSM)
Max Speed RPM 60
Power Consumption at Max RPM <0.4 KW
KVA Draw at Max RPM <0.5 KVA
Input Current (A) < 4.8 A Peak to Peak or 1.7A RMS;
Torque > 40 Nm
Standard Power 180-240 VAC single (1) phase 50 or 60 Hz;
Power Factor at Max RPM 0.5
Max Coverage 4,000 sq.ft. (372 sq.m)
Air Flow (Cubic ft/ Min) 290000
Approx. Fan Weight (Kgs./lbs.) 29.5/65
Sound <50dB
Height from Floor to Fan > 10 ft
Operating units Available options Connection- Wired
Safety Guy wire for motor and for each blade
Design for UL507 Safety System for Fans
Designed for UL1004 Safety System for Motors
Designed for UL60730-2-9 and UL508C Safety System for Drives.
Fan Mechanical Safety System incorporates Automotive Grade Hub and Guy Wires.
All fans should meet the applicable requirements of EU Council Directive 2014/35/EU and the
European Standards EN60335-1:2012 & EN60335-2-80: 2003/A2:2009
Sound Certificate by NABL accredited lab.
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