06-ft 5-Blades 200 RPM Commercial HVLS Fan with Hx Motor and Controller - 30Nm/0.4kW/0.5hp

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6-ft(1.8m) 5-Blades Commercial HVLS Fan with Hx Motor and Controller Platform

Product Specification

Parameter Specification


Fan HVLS COMMERCIAL Super Efficient Gearless PMSM: less than   400W Power Rating

Motor Type

5- Phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor, Gearless, Brushles

Motor Insulation Class

Class H

Sweep Size

6 Foot (1800 mm)

Length of Down Rod

2 Foot (610 mm)

No. of Blades


Blade Profile

Airfoil Design

Blade Material

Anodized/ 6061- T6 Aluminum

Blade Struts

Clear Zinc/ High Tesile Steel

Blade Width

123.7 mm

Blade Thickness

1.65 mm

Blade End Winglets


Max Coverage Radius (feet)


Minimum Space from wall (feet)



5-Phase, Permanent Magnet Sunchronous Motor (PMSM)

Max Speed RPM


Power Consumption at Max RPM

<0.4 KW

KVA Draw at Max RPM

<0.5 KVA

Input Current (A)

< 4.8 A Peak to Peak or 1.7A RMS;


30 Nm

Standard Power

180-240 VAC single (1) phase 50 or 60 Hz;

Power Factor at Max RPM


Max Coverage

1,500 sq.ft. (139 sq.m)

Air Flow (Cubic ft/ Min)


Approx. Fan Weight (Kgs./lbs.)




Height from Floor to Fan

> 10 ft

Operating units Available options

Connection- Wired



Safety Guy wire for motor and for each blade

Design for UL507 Safety System for Fans

Designed for UL60730-2-9 and UL508C Safety System for Drives.

Designed for UL1004 Safety System for Motors

Fan Mechanical Safety System incorporates Automotive Grade Hub and Guy wires


All fans should meet the applicable requirements of EU Council Directive 2014/35/EU and European Standards EN60335-1:2012 & EN60335-2-80: 2003/A2:2009 Sound Certificate by NABL accredited lab.


See Warranty Information here.

Introducing HX Fans

  • Ranging from 8- to 16-ft. (2.4 – to 4.8 m) in diameter;
  • Based on revolutionary 3-Phase PMSM technology;
  • Extraordinarily economical;
  • Enhanced aesthetics for commercial spaces, indoors or out.
  • With a revolutionary 3-phase, gear-less direct-drive motor that provides quiet, comforting air movement;
  • Ideal for any space from lobbies, pavilions and music venues to seaside dining and open-air theaters.

Gearless 3 - Phase PMS Motor with high torque at low energy consumption, Maintenance less, Noise less, lowest weight and High Efficiency.

HX HVLS Fans incorporate five blades. The blades are inspired by falcon wings and modern day aeronautics, The blades are designed for continuous adaptation to maximize the air flow at every speed. This is achieved through the uplift and droop design which provides not only the highest CFM but also the highest safety and efficiency. 5-blade configuration generates the most silent, efficient, and effective airflow in the industry today.

  • Increased Airflow Efficiency;
  • Recover Tip Vortex Energy;
  • Reduce Drag;
  • Reduce Power Consumption.


  • Reverse circulation;
  • Increase life of building;
  • Improve workers productivity;
  • Lowest Weight;
  • Lowest Sound;
  • Maintenance Free;
  • Tremendous air flow;
  • Huge power saving;
  • Decrease the surrounding temperature by 4-7° cooler air;

For more info, please send enquiries to info @ falcoemotors.com