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Epoch HVLS fan are the only fan in the world who is having UPF technology in PMSM motors. Our fans returns your investment in two years only. We have prepared Return on Investment and Power factor saving calculation for the user. They will see the calculations and will understand what a great technology we have in India. An international brand is easily available in India in competitive prices.We have done plenty of the installations in government sectors where we have provided many of the testing certificates. Our technology is proven now. You will control the energy cost by installing Epoch fans

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We have eliminated huge combination of mechanical parts like gearbox, vfd, etc…made a sleek design. So it need less current to run the fan and produces highest air flow. Many of the users were searching a better option against the existing HVLS fan, as they produce noise and increases the power due to its high weight. We came up with the solution. You will save a huge amount of money in terms of power saving. Epoch fans are the most energy efficient fans today. We do customized designs as well. If you need at a single point operation of more than one fan, than can be done at a single control panel. We have done such installations at railway stations. Even we have made a provision for you if you want you can set up a fixed timing for operation of a fan.

Maximize your operation's efficiency with Epoch HVLS fans that can give you better control over temperature and energy costs.

An air circulation is easy at any space

  • Safe employees should be a top priority for any facility manager. .
  • Optimized airfoil design for maximum efficiency and coverage area. Available sizes ranging from Ø6 to Ø24 feet with highest performance up to 5,50,000 cfm. With its direct drive PMSM motor.
  • quietest fan in the world. Its sound signature is less than 35db
  • Epoch HVLS fans are an extremely clever way to keep your employees cool and comfortable, even during the warmer summer months. You can run forward and reverse in winter or summer.
  • Regulate temperature from ceiling to floor.
  • Protect product integrity with better air quality.
  • Create a comfortable work environment while keeping facilities running as energy efficiently as possible.
  • Epoch HVLS fans continue to prove a valued addition to any facility.

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Epoch HVLS fans encourage evaporation, they are excellent for reducing moisture on the ground and alleviating this safety risk. Heat stress is another safety concern that facility managers should be aware of. When temperatures rise, workers need to keep themselves cool and safe.HVLS fans are perfect for this task.

Latest Technology, Energy Efficient. Low Cost. Highly Efficient. Powerful & Efficient. Noiseless Operation. Zero Maintenance. Long Life.


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