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We match your expectations. You can design industrial, commercial, residential, open premises anywhere. We have solution for your every application. Epoch fans has variety of product range in air movement system. You will save huge electricity against AC and will recommend your customers to go for more energy efficient Epoch HVLS fans. We can match the color, aesthetics as per your design. The design of our fan is sleek and need less space to mount. Due to lesser weight it is easy to install. Our expertise will help you to increase your design demand in the market.


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Epoch fans in an exciting breakthrough in Direct Drive PMSM Motors and controls with far reaching benefits for the Industry. Our tag line is when silence is golden and less is more. It means we have the quietest fan in the HVLS world and less is more means Epoch fans are Pollutant Less, Gear Less, Sensor Less, Harmonic Less, Brush Less, Noise Less, Oil Less. With this technology watch your profits and productivity go through the roof and carbon footprint drop to the floor. We intend to revolutionary the big building human productivity and lower the carbon foot print significantly by changing the air flow smartly.

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Epoch fans has the built in power factor correction This is the reason our fans has lowest current, lowest cost per unit air flow, lowest cost design, best drive performance, most reliable operation. The purpose of comfort breeze will resolve by Epoch HVLS fan. Customer satisfaction is our moto. The most efficient fan in HVLS industry is Epoch fans. Epoch fan draws less current and produces highest CFM. We have varity of product range, you just ask us we will provide you the best fit for everyone every space.


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