Dealer Application

In order to start the application process, the below documents are required.


1. Completed dealer/distributor application: This allows us to know about you and your seriousness in selling the product.

2. Mutual NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement): This allows for the sharing of confidential information between us and you such as pricing, sales literature, training tools, etc.


Please follow these steps to complete the process.

1. Fill out the online Dealer Application Form.

Before proceeding please keep scan copy of the following ready in support of the application.

a. A photocopy of your current company registration.

b. A local area map showing business location.

c. Financial statements for this business for the current year and the past two years.

d. Quality index and sales efficiency reports provided by each product for the current year and past two years.

The preceding information is submitted in support of this application for a Falco eMotors Distributor or Dealer Agreement. 

2. Then please fill out the Dealers Agreement Form (Non-Disclosure Agreement).

3. Download and fill out the following document (Non-Disclosure Agreement) and email it to

After this, we can start the conversation and start the process of setting you up as a dealer or a distributor.


Questions, please call or email us either at or