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We moves the air without polluting your system or the surrounding because our power consumption is very less and we have eliminated huge combination of mechanical parts into it. There are some losses present in the system which no one has eliminated, but we have reduced it.Epoch fans are built using expanded diameter fractional slot permanent magnet synchronous motor (EDFS-PMSM) technology. The motor is controlled using power factor corrected field-oriented controls with space vector modulationPrimary reasons being high performance, high efficiency high reliability, high technology, lower cost of acquisition, lower cost of operation, ease of operation and maintenance and makes you happy

We came up with the advanced technology product, as we are expertise in air management system. We move the air as per your wish. We continuously improving productivity and are providing the best cooling effect to our users who believe in us. We are focusing on reducing cost burden from user, by using UPF technology in our Epoch fans We are the more competitive in pricing, our fans are the most energy efficient fans as we use PMSM motor into it, which we ourselves manufacture. We establish new partnerships and relationships with plenty of the users We help you in increasing your turnover and improve your profitability


Epoch fans come with analog controls with a built-in speed regulator for ease of operation. Such controls are not available with Geared. Epoch fans employ adjustable blade technology with droop down and uplift mechanism. Epoch fans operate with a 0.97 to 0.99 power factor resulting in significant efficiency and cost savings Because Epoch fans use EDFS-PMSM technology with PFC-FOC-SVPWM controls, the sound levels at max speed are less than 35dB as compared to Geared 62+dB. Your prestige will increase by installing the Advanced tech high quality epoch HLS fans at your facility.

Introduction to World Class HVLS (High Volume Low Speed) Fan Technology



Epoch fans are revolutionizing the following sectors of our society:

  • Industrial Sector;
  • Government Sector;
  • Religious Institutions;
  • Agriculture Sector;
  • Educational Sector;
  • Commercial Sector.

Our HVLS fan technology has the following benefits

  • Epoch fans represent a Significant Technological Breakthrough.
  • Epoch fans require Zero Maintenance for years to come.
  • Epoch fans are 40% More Efficient than any HVLS fan in the world.
  • Epoch fans have a sound signature of less than 35 dB (Zero Sound)
  • Epoch fans move the Highest Amount of Airflow at tremendous energy saving;
  • Epoch fans are First Fans in India to be Internationally approved with UL and CE Certifications.

We are revolutionizing the big building human productivity and lower the carbon footprint significantly by changing the airflow smartly.