Returns Policy


Order Cancellation policy

  • How to cancel the order?
  1. Contact the sales person or contact Epoch landline number given on website.
  2. After order cancellation request received, Epoch fans will provide written confirmation of order cancellation.
  • Conditions for order cancellation policy:
  1. If the order is ship out from the facility prior to customer cancellation request, Customer will charge 20% restocking fees plus shipping fees.
  2. If the customer cancel the order within 5 business days, order can be cancelled without penalty or any charge. But if cancellation request received after 5 days, customer has to pay 10% cancellation fees.

Return policy

  • Process for the return policy:
  1. Customer need to contact the Epoch fans through mail or contact the number mentioned in website,
  2. After checking the product eligibility, our customer support team will calculate restocking fees. Epoch fans will provide the address to ship the fan
  3. After the receiving the fan at our organization, our team will check if any damages are found in the product.
  4. The amount of the purchase minus restocking fee and original shipping charges will be credited to the billing account on the order
  • Conditions for return policy:
  1. The company shall make every effort to supply products of the quality and specifications as per acceptable standards.
  2. Goods of such quality once supplied, will not be retaken by the company, unless there is a   clear and established complaint on quality or performance of the product delivered.
  3. All complaints must be received within seven (7) days’ of receipt of the products on any defects in quality or performance.
  4. Upon receipt of such complaints, we shall depute our representative to inspect the defective products in the presence of the customers’ representative and investigate the complaint in any manner deemed proper by us.
  5. After such inspection and investigation, the Company norms or standards, We shall replace defective products with the standard acceptable quality products, free of cost or take other such adequate steps to rectify defects in quality or performance.
  6. The decision on such corrective action to be taken shall rest only with us. No significant damage claims other than the above will lie against us. We will not entertain any complaints, if received, after the period of 7 days from the date of sales as mentioned.