Falco eMotors receives ETL and CE Certification on the full line of Epoch Industrial and Commercial HVLS Fans

Epoch HVLS Fans are the World's Only Fan with Active Power Factor Correction and Ultra Low Harmonics

Revolutionary Direct Drive HVLS Fan Technology Solves Serious Reliability and Poor Efficiency Issues faced by Existing Direct Drive and Geared HVLS Fans

Comprehensive line of Epoch HVLS Fans is being deployed across Factories, Warehouses, Schools, Dairy Farms, Offices, Showrooms, Temples, Churches, Mosque, Malls, and Large Office Buildings to improve human and non-human productivity


DULLES, Va. - July 15, 2019 - Falco eMotors today announced it has received ETL certification of its Epoch HVLS (High Volume Low Speed) fans, to UL and CSA safety standards. The certification is for five ground-breaking direct drive HVLS fan platforms, a significant milestone for the expanding HVLS industry. These standards are the most widely recognized independent product safety certifications for the HVLS ceiling fans.

All five HVLS platforms - including Epoch 4.0 system, which can provide 300Nm torque have passed hundreds of trials as part of Falco's stringent testing program. Falco eMotors' manufacturing facility in India is the first Indian facility to provide a full lineup of HVLS fans which are certified to UL, CSA and CE standards. The certification expands the possibilities of cool comfort and big building human and non-human productivity with confidence and at par with international brands such as Big Ass, Microair, Entrematic, Rite-Hite, Kelley, Hunter etc. ETL and CE certification of an entire suite of Epoch HVLS fans is a significant landmark for the Indian manufacturing industry and is a direct result and support of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's agenda to make India a manufacturing hub for the World.

Falco eMotors' ETL-listed and CE certified product offering includes active power factor corrected Epoch 0.5, Epoch 1.0, Epoch 2.0, Epoch 3.0 and Epoch 4.0 platforms covering fan diameters from 6-ft to 24-ft with 3 or 5 blades and input power consumption of less than 1.5hp (1.2kW).

"ETL certifications are a critical milestone that can take companies months or even years to secure," said Rakesh Dhawan, President, and CEO of Falco eMotors Inc. "Today, we're the first and only company in the World with active power factor correction and ultra-low harmonics HVLS fans with a promise to save up to $1500 in energy savings per year per fan. Now, we're the first and only company in India to have developed such a broad line of certified HVLS fans for deployment to big buildings across the World. As a result, Epoch HVLS fans will be available in many more dealer and distributor locations. The availability is important because existing HVLS fans from are highly in-efficient, pollute supply of electricity leaving behind a massive carbon foot-print and huge electricity bills whereas Epoch HVLS fans offer un-polluted, power factor corrected, ultra-low harmonics airflow with the lowest possible carbon footprint."

In addition to these core products, Falco eMotors offers commercial and pole-mounted fans that round out the line — an HVLS "ecosystem" that takes a 360-degree approach to meet the industry's every need to improve big building human and non-human productivity. Additional systems include Hx commercial HVLS fans, a platform for small and commercial spaces of less than 2000 sq. Ft and Epoch pole mounted fans that provide solutions in big buildings where ceiling mount is not possible.

Falco eMotors is the provider of brushless permanent magnet electric motors and controls equipped HVLS fans - Including hardware, consulting services, installation, and back-end support. At EATON, SAINT GOBIN, INVOLUTE, SPARK MINDA, FORBES, LINTEC, ARVIND MILLS, INDIAN RAILWAYS, LUCAS TVS, VOLTAS, CELLO, ABELLON CLEAN ENERGY, CHENNAI and NAGPUR METRO and several other locations , the Epoch HVLS has been deployed to transform carbon footprint to increase big building human and non-human productivity with "Purely Green Airflow. Hundreds of Falco eMotors' Epoch HVLS systems have been deployed in several states and hundreds of communities, and places of worship across India.

Falco eMotors' ETL-listed product suite includes:

1. Epoch 0.5 (Torque up to 25Nm with an output power of 0.5kW)
2. Epoch 1.0 (Torque up to 50Nm with an output power of 1.2kW)
3. Epoch 2.0 (Torque up to 90Nm with an output power of 1.2kW)
4. Epoch 3.0 (Torque up to 170Nm with an output power of 1.5kW)
5. Epoch 4.0 (Torque up to 300Nm with an output power of 2kW)

Falco's Epoch HVLS Industrial and Commercial solutions combine:

Falco's Unique Expanded Diameter Fractional Slot Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Platform
(EDFS-PMSMTM), delivers the strongest and robust solution by offering exceptional torque and power densities over existing 3-phase geared and non-geared motors and. EDFS-PMSMTM uses a combination of motor, hardware, and firmware technologies to achieve extraordinary reliability and performance. It is an exceptionally versatile platform and can be adapted to a fantastic range of HVLS industrial and commercial fan applications.

Falco's Green Intelligence Engine and eDrive Unit saves precious energy and electricity in a big building with a ton of airflow and at the same time gathers, processes and deciphers 16+ sensors associated with motor, electricity and HVLS fan functions. Most of the power management intelligence is also embedded inside the drive unit to allow for a wide range input voltage application — the HVLS eDrive houses two
high-speed 32-bit micro-controllers to provide exceptionally advanced controls. The HVLS eDrive unit employs active power factor correction, ultra-low harmonics, and space vector modulation to provide high efficiency and exceptional dynamic controls for the HVLS fans.

Falco's ANT+ & BLE Wireless Communication allowed Falco to be the very first to introduce smartphone apps to control the HVLS fans. Its remarkable wireless interface allows connectivity across all platforms - Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. This unique capability also allows its HVLS eDrive technology to interface with emerging artificial intelligence platforms.

Falco Epoch Apps and Software allow for control, monitor and customization of several HVLS fan functions allowing for integration with building management systems and infinite accommodation of end-user needs. An end user can restrict and expand the eDrive behavior at will. One can use to limit the power and speed drastically to accommodate smaller spaces or unique needs or allow for unprecedented speed and power for areas as large as 30,000 sq. Ft.

About Falco eMotors, Inc.
Falco eMotors Inc. is a brushless permanent magnet motor technology provider that designs, develops, produces and supports an advanced portfolio of electric motors for light electric vehicles and industrial and commercial HVLS fans. Falco eMotors' comprehensive competencies include the brushless motor, inverter, mechanical, and firmware design, regulatory compliances, and software application development. FalcoeMotors' industrial and commercial HVLS fans support thousands of workers handling production machinery on mission-critical supply chains for Fortune 500 enterprises in India. Agencies of the Indian Railways and Metro stations use the company's commercial and industrial HVLS fans to provide passenger comfort through "Purely Green Airflow" and the only genuine "Make in India" HVLS brand thereby meeting Prime Minister Modi's initiatives to encourage environmentally friendly products with manufacturing in India. 
Falco eMotors' eBike systems provide thousands of seniors with extraordinary ability to stay active and fit until well into their 90s in the USA. More information is available at and

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