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Message from the President:

Rakesh Dhawan President Falco eMotors Inc.

EPOCH HVLS technology represents a significant technological breakthrough. With EPOCH technology, we intend to revolutionize the Big Building human productivity and lower the carbon footprint significantly by changing the air flow smartly.
EPOCH HVLS Fan technology operates silently and efficiently requiring no maintenance for years to come. With a sound signature of less than 35 dB and a motor and inverter efficiency of 95% each, you are looking at a light weight power house which can move a ton of air at tremendous energy saving.
EPOCH technology comes with World’s highest warranty of 100,000 hours which is equal to 48 years for an average fan operation of 40 hours per week.
With this technology, watch your profits and productivity go through the roof and carbon footprint drop to the floor.


Epoch fans have been developed in the laboratories of Falco eMotors Inc. and Strategic Technology Group.

Falco eMotors Inc. is headquartered in the US near Washington DC. Strategic Technology Group is headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Falco eMotors Inc.
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Falco eMotors Pvt. Ltd.
Strategic Technology Group
A-105, H-Block, Near Morwadi Court
Pimpri MIDC
Pune, Maharashtra, India – 411 018
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When Silence is Golden and Less is More