Epoch HVLS Fan Inverter

EPOCH HVLS Fan Inverter for 3-Phase Motors

Epoch HVLS Fan inverter incorporates state of the art technology with extremely wide design and safety margin.

Inverter is available to be placed above the motor (Integrated Option) as shown in this figure
Inverter Dimensions (Non-Integrated Option)
  1. Volts: 90VAC to 277VAC Operation, 1-Phase, 50 or 60Hz Operation;
  2. Power Factor: Unity Power Factor Correction;
  3. Efficiency: 95%+ Efficiency of the Inverter;
  4. Safety: Peak Phase Current = 5A RMS: Design margin up to 15A RMS;
  5. Processors: Dual Processor Controls. This allows for dedicated processor for drive functions and another dedicated processor for peripheral functions;
  6. Sensorless: Sensorless Operation (No hall sensors or encoders required). This makes the system extremely robust eliminating components which can fail or become unreliable;
  7. Inverter: Options of Integrated or Non-Integrated Controller within the Motor. This allows for flexible installation in optimising how the wires can be routed. Customers require  a number of networked fans may opt for Inverters to be mounted on the wall to manage Modbus as well as Fire system safety wires;
  8. Power: Max Power Handling of 2500W. The Inverter has a wide design margin to allow for highly reliable operation which can last a lifetime;
  9. Apps: Smart Phone Connectivity (Blue Tooth (BLE) and ANT+) with iPhone and Android phones. We have developed Android as well as iPhone apps which allow for extensive control as well as data logging operations.;
  10. Software Architecture: Scalable Software Architecture. Because of the dual state of the art processors, and with dedicated functionality, we can accommodate just about every customers’ requirement.
  11. Communication Architecture: Scalable Communication Architecture. The inverter has hardware provision for ANT+, BLE, RS485, Modbus, CAN and Wifi protocols. Other protocols can be added as per customers’ requirement;
  12. ESD and Voltage Spikes: Well protected against ESD and high voltage spikes. All inputs and outputs are well protected to take on any noisy and harsh operational environment.;
  13. UL/CSA/IEC: Built to UL, CSA and IEC Specifications. Inverter is built with UL specified safety components and have significant built-in protections against voltage, current, temperature, vibration, instability etc.;
Epoch Inverter Block Diagram

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